Stephen Shapiro

Innovation Evangelist

Stephen Shapiro is an innovation speaker and international business advisor.

He is the author of ‘24/7 Innovation’, ‘Goal-Free Living’, ‘The Little Book of Big Innovation Ideas’, ‘Personality Poker’ and ‘Best Practices are Stupid’.

He has spoken internationally to audiences in over 40 countries and currently serves on the board of directors of National Speakers Association (NSA).

He is also a recipient of the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, NSA’s highest earned designation.

Select Insights

The 15% Rule

Grow My Business ,  Innovate ,  Manage Effectively

Crowd Sourcing Doesn't Lead to Innovation

Grow My Business ,  Innovate

Expectations Lead to Disappointment

Become a Better Person

Goal Free Living

Advance My Career

Engaging an Audience

Advance My Career

Culture of Innovation

Grow My Business ,  Innovate

Best Practices are Stupid

Grow My Business

Managing Divergent Teams

Innovate ,  Manage Effectively

Meaning of Differentiation

Grow My Business ,  Innovate

Asking Better Questions

Grow My Business ,  Innovate

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