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In addition to the structured education you provide, imagine your students had access to learn from the best minds in the business!

...For Students on the Move

Almost every student has a smartphone –  imagine they use it to learn something while commuting to/from school, in between classes, or simply in their free time!

...Just Imagine

The edge your students will have on other students not listening to Audvisor! 

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With over 125 experts that include inventors, entrepreneurs, bestselling authors and coaches. Over 2,700 micro-podcasts in a push of a button.

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Provides the diversity of knowledge that address the big and unprecedented changes students will experience during their career.​

From the most
Brilliant Minds​

We asked the most brilliant professionals to share their secrets, from Bestselling Authors to entrepreneurs.

Short and
to the Point​

Since attention span drops considerably after only a few minutes, all micro-podcasts are limited to 3 minutes!​
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