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Dr. Immanual Joseph
“I struggled with getting responses until I listened to the micro-podcast from Jordan Harbinger. I took his advice and now I am getting twice the response traffic. Just wished I listened to it years ago.”
Erica Fan
“I am fairly new to the sales environment at my job. Listening to the Audvisor Micro-Podcasts have had an overwhelming impact on my contributions to the team….”
“After being a professional hockey player for my entire adult life, I was looking for a way to quickly get great advice from multiple accomplished professionals on how to transition into an entrepeneur. Audvisor helped tremendously in this.”
“Going from being a professional athlete, to a coach, and now a General Manager is not easy. Being super busy these days, it does not allow me to devote a lot of time on any one thing. Audvisor’s short and to the point micro-podcasts is exactly what people these days are looking for.”
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