Tom Peters

Uber Guru of Management

Tom Peters book ‘In Search of Excellence’ was honored by NPR as one of the ‘Top Three Business Books of the Century’ and was the most widely held library book in the United States from 1989 to 2006.

Tom has authored over a dozen international best sellers.

He has given well over 2,500 speeches, flown over 5,000,000 miles, spoken before almost 3,000,000 people and presented in 48 states and 67 countries.

His blog is ranked 9th among the Top 150 Management & Leadership Blogs.

Select Insights

The Problem isn't the Problem

Become a Better Person

Invest in Your People

Grow My Business ,  Serve My Customers

The Power Of Apology

Build Professional Relationships

Telling Stories

Be a Great Leader

To Don't List

Advance My Career

Diversity Wins

Grow My Business ,  Manage Effectively

Personalization is Important

Advance My Career ,  Build Professional Relationships

Work on Your Writing

Advance My Career

You Are Your Calendar

Advance My Career

Cross-Functional Communication

Build Professional Relationships

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