Sean D’Souza

Marketing Strategist

Sean D’ Souza owns PsychoTactics, a firm that teaches the psychology behind why people buy.

From copywriting, writing TV commercials, designing marketing graphics, cartooning, and web designing, Sean has discovered how to communicate in the simplest, most effective manner.

Through workshops, articles, and keynote speeches, Sean teaches the art of persuasion and the science behind customers not signing on the dotted line at the very last second.

Select Insights

The Best Way to Start Writing a Story

Market Effectively ,  Maximize Sales

Less is More in Info-Products

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When is Storytelling Important in Business

Grow My Business ,  Market Effectively ,  Serve My Customers

Improve Storytelling

Market Effectively

Start in the Middle of the Story

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The 90% Principal of Storytelling

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Counterflow in Storytelling

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The Pivotal Moments in Storytelling

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Attributes of a Good Storyteller

Market Effectively

How Long Should Your Story Be?

Market Effectively

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