Sally Hogshead

Inductee of the Speakers Hall of Fame

Sally Hogshead has uncovered trends about why certain people and companies succeed and teaches how to communicate and captivate in a world with a 9-second attention span.

She is the best selling author of ‘Radical Careering: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life’, ‘Fascinate’ and ‘How the World Sees You’.

Sally frequently appears in media including NBC’s The Today Show and the New York Times, and is one of the youngest inductees into the Speakers Hall of Fame.

Select Insights

The Importance Of Fascination

Advance My Career

Knowing How the World Sees You

Advance My Career

Having Too Much of One Advantage

Be a Great Leader ,  Manage Effectively

Similarities Found in High-Performers

Advance My Career

What is a Dormant Advantage?

Advance My Career

Key Lessons to Learn from Brands

Advance My Career

Applying Your Knowledge of How the World Sees You

Advance My Career

Different Personality Advantages

Advance My Career

How The World Sees You

Advance My Career

How to Apply Fascination to First Impressions

Build Professional Relationships

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