Paul D’Souza

Renowned Expert on Sales & Spirituality

Paul D’Souza is an entrepreneur, sales expert, author, energy healer and life coach.

He is the inventor of the Wha-Dho philosophy, which is anchored in practical spirituality, energy work, linguistics, psychology and economics.

Paul is in involved with several early stage business initiatives and works as a sought-after consultant with companies to help leaders increase revenue and profits.

He conducts workshops, retreats and seminars globally.

Select Insights

Riding One Horse at a Time

Grow as an Entrepreneur

Reading People

Become a Better Person

Always be Hiring

Grow My Business ,  Manage Effectively

Work Life Balance is a Choice

Become a Better Person

How to be Happy

Live Well

Strategic Value of Time

Grow My Business

Clarity and Kindness

Become a Better Person

Going Fast and Alone

Advance My Career

Employee Relations

Be a Great Leader ,  Manage Effectively

Authenticity in Sales

Build Professional Relationships ,  Market Effectively ,  Maximize Sales

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