Mitch Axelrod

Trained Over a Million People in Sales

Mitch Axelrod is keynote speaker and author of the #1 best seller ‘The New Game of Selling’.

Mitch has trained more than one million people in playing and winning the new game and has written hundreds of articles and dozens of training programs used by more than a million people from 35 countries.

Mitch’s selling advice will help you learn how to win today’s sales game in any industry and in any economy.

Previously, he spent 10 years as the Founder and CEO of Money Managers, Inc.

Select Insights

Becoming a New Game Player

Advance My Career ,  Find a Great Job ,  Grow My Business

Showing Your Value in Business

Advance My Career ,  Grow as an Entrepreneur ,  Grow My Business

I Love and Serve People

Advance My Career ,  Build Professional Relationships ,  Grow as an Entrepreneur

The Curse of Too Little Knowledge

Advance My Career ,  Become a Better Person

Selling a Product vs. Selling an Experience

Maximize Sales ,  Serve My Customers

Rejection Proof Networking

Build Professional Relationships ,  Grow as an Entrepreneur

Converting Browsers into Buyers

Market Effectively ,  Maximize Sales ,  Serve My Customers

Experiencing R.I.P.E. Opportunities

Grow My Business ,  Maximize Sales ,  Serve My Customers

The New Game of Selling

Maximize Sales ,  Serve My Customers

Hitting the Bullseye

Market Effectively

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