Michael Port

NYT Bestselling Business Author

Michael Port was dubbed a ‘marketing guru’ by the Wall Street Journal.

He is the only former professional actor to also be a New York Times Best Selling business author.

Michael has written five books including the NYT Best Seller ‘The Think Big Manifesto’.

He has appeared on virtually every television network, and is a highly sought after international keynote speaker.

As a trusted mentor and coach in public speaking, he focuses on growing your business, getting booked and business networking.

Select Insights

Building a Personal Brand Identity

Advance My Career ,  Grow as an Entrepreneur

Client Trust is Crucial

Grow as an Entrepreneur ,  Maximize Sales ,  Serve My Customers

Building a Professional Business

Grow as an Entrepreneur ,  Grow My Business

Being a Category Authority

Advance My Career

Red Velvet Rope Policy

Maximize Sales

Kill the Elevator Speech

Maximize Sales ,  Serve My Customers

Ideal Client vs. Target Market

Grow My Business ,  Serve My Customers

Building Credibility

Advance My Career ,  Grow as an Entrepreneur

Prune Your Bad Clients

Grow as an Entrepreneur ,  Grow My Business ,  Maximize Sales

Answering 'What Do You Do?'

Advance My Career

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