Luis Velasquez

Leadership Development Expert

Dr. Luis Velasquez is the founder of Velas Consulting, a leadership-development firm that works with executives and teams domestically and internationally.

He is a research scientist, leadership coach, international business consultant, employee engagement expert, keynote speaker, endurance athlete, and brain tumor survivor.

Luis helps people reach their goals, whether it is running a marathon, becoming a better leader, or increasing employee engagement.

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Who Needs a Coach?

Advance My Career ,  Be a Great Leader

What is Executive Coaching?

Advance My Career ,  Grow My Business

What is Employee Engagement?

Advance My Career ,  Grow My Business

Introverts as Managers

Manage Effectively

What Get's in the Way of Employee Engagement

Manage Effectively

Promoting Teamwork Between Management and Staff

Be a Great Leader ,  Manage Effectively

The Most Important Driver of Employee Engagement

Manage Effectively

Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Manage Effectively

Goals are Building Blocks for Larger Things

Become a Better Person

Welcoming and Embracing Change

Become a Better Person

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