Lindy Cozens

Renowned CEO Coach

Lindy Cozens works with senior level executives on understanding behaviors and managing interpersonal skills.

Lindy is currently founder and CEO of The Coach House where she coaches and runs business development and consulting programs.

She consults with Partners and Directors to help them create their vision and strategy, operational plans, governance models and ways of working more successfully with their colleagues.

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Having Measurable Goals

Grow My Business

Visible and Committed Leadership

Be a Great Leader

Targeted, Effective Communication

Be a Great Leader ,  Build Professional Relationships ,  Manage Effectively

A Compelling Need for Change

Grow My Business ,  Manage Effectively

Team Development

Manage Effectively

Broad Based Participation

Grow My Business

Important Leadership Traits

Be a Great Leader

Single Focus for Change Programs

Grow My Business

Change Management

Grow My Business

Effective Project Management

Grow My Business ,  Manage Effectively

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