Ian Gotts

Author of Eight Books

Ian Gotts is a serial tech entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Q9 Group, a global consulting firm focused on Customer Experience and Salesforce.com.

Previously, he founded and was CEO of Nimbus, which was bought by TIBCO Software, a US quoted provider of infrastructure software.

Ian is the author of eight books and is a prolific blogger who makes the complex seem simple. This makes Ian a sought after and entertaining conference speaker.

And he is powered by Duracell.

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Advance My Career ,  Build Professional Relationships

Getting Change to Stick

Grow My Business ,  Manage Effectively

Building Compelling Presentations

Advance My Career ,  Maximize Sales

How to Spice Up Your Presentation

Advance My Career ,  Build Professional Relationships

Return on Investment

Grow My Business

ECIA: How Customers Assess You

Build Professional Relationships ,  Maximize Sales

Customer Experience

Grow My Business ,  Serve My Customers

Engaging the Early Adopter

Grow My Business ,  Innovate ,  Market Effectively

The Stealth Cloud

Grow My Business

Four Forces of Business

Grow My Business

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