Heidi Roizen

VC and Stanford Professor

Heidi is a venture capitalist, corporate director, Stanford lecturer, recovering entrepreneur and Mom.

She spent a year as VP of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple and is now the Operating Partner at the venture firm DFJ and corporate director for DMGT, ShareThis and XTime.

Every winter, she teaches the class ‘Spirit of Entrepreneurship’ at Stanford University, where she earned her undergrad and MBA degrees.

Her motto is ‘Life is Good (or if it isn’t, then change things until it is.)’

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Homework Never Stops

Advance My Career ,  Become a Better Person

20-40-60 Rule

Become a Better Person ,  Build Professional Relationships

The Art of Negotiation

Build Professional Relationships ,  Grow as an Entrepreneur

Call to Action

Advance My Career ,  Become a Better Person

Doing the Tough Things

Advance My Career ,  Become a Better Person

Building a Network

Build Professional Relationships

How to Set your Filters for People

Build Professional Relationships

Everything is a Relationship

Build Professional Relationships

Trusting Your Gut

Advance My Career ,  Become a Better Person ,  Manage Effectively

Making Meaningful Relationships

Build Professional Relationships

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