Dr. Liz Alexander

Publishing Expert & Thought Leader

Dr. Liz Alexander establishes executives as thought leaders by exposing them to the seven-step process she developed from 25 years as a successful nonfiction author and book consultant.

She has written nine commercially published books that have sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

Dr. Liz teaches courses in strategic communication at The University of Texas at Austin. A ‘globalized hybrid’, she was born in Scotland, raised in England, has worked all over the world, and is now a US citizen.

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Secret to Thought Leadership

Advance My Career

Publishing Your Book

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Difficulties in Being a Thought Leader

Advance My Career ,  Be a Great Leader

Eight Disciplines Authors Need to Embrace

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Advance My Career

Adding Author to Your Resume

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Asking Yourself 'What's the Bigger Goal?'

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Traditional vs. Self Publishing

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Becoming a Thought Leader

Be a Great Leader

Boosting Revenue by Writing a Book

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