Chris Taylor

Global Expert on Team Development

Chris runs, an online resource dedicated to helping busy professionals apply lessons from top business books.

He also conducts Actionable Interviews, where he conducts candid video conversations with the world’s best business book authors.

Chris also created ‘The Salaried Entrepreneur’, an innovative team development methodology that’s used internationally.

He passionately believes that work should be a rewarding and engaging experience.

Select Insights

Control vs. Influence

Be a Great Leader

Building Connections

Build Professional Relationships

Building Relationships

Build Professional Relationships ,  Capitalize on Social Media

How to Market Your Business

Grow My Business ,  Market Effectively

How to Target Customers

Market Effectively ,  Maximize Sales

Building a Social Media Following

Build Professional Relationships ,  Capitalize on Social Media

Managing Remote Employees

Manage Effectively

Struggles Entrepreneurs Face

Grow as an Entrepreneur ,  Grow My Business

Building a Community

Grow My Business ,  Market Effectively ,  Maximize Sales

Overcoming Obstacles

Grow as an Entrepreneur

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