Five Things We Learned While Collecting a Few Thousand Insights

 Michael Martin

June 22, 2015

It took us several months to sign up over a hundred experts and collect a few thousand insights from these experts.

Here are three things that we learned about the experts during our insight collection phase.

1. Extreme Clarity: The experts not only had strong opinions about the topics they had mastered, they were also extremely clear in articulating their view points.

2. Thinking on the Feet: Across the board we saw that the experts handled curve balls extremely well – they were super quick on the feet even when we asked a tangential question.

3. Likeable AND Caring: The experts we chose to work with were likeable AND they cared deeply about their work. In fact, I still remember one of the experts who called and asked our team to take down an insight as he wanted to re-record with a different example.

4. Easy to Work With: Almost all the experts were a pleasure to work with. They have big brands, so we expected that we need to deal with big egos. By the end of the recordings, we were pleasantly surprised about how they treated our team

5. We got a Free Upgrade: The entire team learned a lot about various things as they interacted with these top experts. Because the team members had to listen to every single insight multiple times, the lessons were drilled into their heads.

We have released close to 800 insights in the free app. Download and give it a try!

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