3 Minutes is a Long Time

 Michael Martin

June 22, 2015

This was in the early days of Audvisor probably the second month in this adventure. One of our experts Pamela Slim was at our office and we decided to go to our studio and record a few insights with her.

It was in the Q&A format and almost looked like an interview.

Pam, as usual was brilliant in her answers for every question posed to her.

One of the answers seemed to be long and being a stickler about our 3-minute rule, I had a timer running for every answer. I was not watching the timer because I was fascinated by what Pam was saying. By the end of it, I thought this must be four or five minutes long as that particular answer had multiple, deep insights about creating a body of work.

When I looked down at the timer, I was surprised.

It was 2 minutes and 39 seconds.

It validated our initial premise that 3 minutes is a LONG time.

All of our insights in the app are 3 minutes or less.

Here is an overview of Audvisor (of course that too in 3 minutes or less)

Download the app today and give it a try!

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